What does it feel like to be hacked?

Unsuspecting staff at a Brompton bike shop found out when they suffered a cyber attack in the physical form. 

In a first of its kind idea, we surreptitiously cloned a business for real and then turned the cameras on as the chaos played out.

Common hacking techniques such as ransomware and phishing were brought to life in the video through a series of simulated offline attacks; the real store was boarded up, displaying a ransom note demanding Bitcoin in exchange for re-entry; genuine stock deliveries were diverted to the fake ‘3rompton’ store, highlighting the potential effects of a phishing scam; finally the real Brompton store was flooded with imitation customers overwhelming staff, simulating a denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

One in three (33%)* UK small businesses have suffered a cyber breach, yet a lot of businesses still aren’t aware of the growing threat that cyber crime poses; an attack can quickly overwhelm and paralyse a business. 

‘The Real World Hack’ brings to life what it means to be a victim of a cyber attack and provides the perfect opportunity to start the conversation on cyber and data insurance with your clients.

* Figure taken from YouGov Survey, Dec 2017 of 2,056 SME decision makers.

(Source: Hiscox Underwriting Ltd)

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