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As with most sectors, having the right people at the right team is absolutely key. The energy sector is highly specialist and requires a hugely varied workforce of highly trained, highly capable people both in full time, and in part time or contracted positions.

The specialist recruitment businesses that provide this personnel to the industry are also very unique and face a very different set of risks and challenges to those more mainstream of recruitment or personnel supply businesses.

We support a number of recruitment organisations who are dedicated to the sector, as we are, and there are many variables in their needs in order to protect themselves and also the individuals they put into work placements of various types.

Safeguarding their reputations, and giving them competitive advantage when attracting and retaining the best talent, is where we really come into our own and really support those specialist firms we work with.

Don’t settle for mainstream advice – knowing recruitment, doesn’t mean that they understand the technical challenges of where you supply talent to, and the contractual implications of what you do. You need the sector specialism our team can provide.

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The Work

Having a knowledge of the work your personnel are under taking, and the environments they will be working in is crucial for ensuring the right cover is in place for them.

These are highly specialist roles, and often working in complex environments so the nuances of this work can have many considerations from an insurance and a risk perspective.

We work with you to understand the full picture so we can build a comprehensive protection programme around you.


Our many personnel clients all have variations in how they operate. The contractual relationship with both the contractor themselves, and also the client you are providing the personnel to, has a fundamental role in determining what protection you need.

We understand the various models, and we carefully craft the right insurance protection around how you operate. Whether that is taking full insurance responsibility for all workers, or whether you need more contingency cover we can build something that is unique to how you operate.

Adding Value

However you want to protect your personnel, having a professional strategy that is straight forward for contractors to work with, will give you a competitive advantage.

Contractors want hassle free solutions that they can work with, and that can often be the difference when they are deciding which personnel company to work with.

Getting the best personnel is key, so let us help you in getting an easy package for you and your people.

Your core risks
Professional Indemnity
Business Travel


Depending on your contractual relationship with your contractors, you will have various risks that require thoughtful and careful solutions.

Even if the primary liability can reside with the contractors own insurance, ensuring that the right processes are in place to protect yourselves, as well as having an insurer that understands the relationships in place, are key.

It is highly likely that in the event of a claim, you will be involved in some way, so the ability and knowledge to defend you properly is key to controlling claims and therefore premium levels.

Professional Indemnity

Whilst your liability policy covers damage to property and people, often due to the nature of work in the sector, there can be considerable exposures to a financial loss.

Understanding what you do, is critical to us advising you around a professional indemnity insurance policy. This would protect you against any financial loss caused by one of your contractors from their advice or negligence.

Business Travel

However you operate, it is likely you will have a significant amount of travel involved as you place many people into projects all over the world.

Having the right insurance to cover any medical situation, anywhere in the world is relatively straight forward for us as we have access to the very best travel insurers.

We tend to focus more on the support we can give you. For example, providing mobile phone apps that cover all information for any given country, emergency procedures etc will give the assistance your contractors need. We also provide country specific reports for any remote project work so you and your contractor know what environment they are going into.

Knowledge is power. We go the extra mile on this, becsuse it pays dividends further down the line.
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