We are excited to introduce you to a new and innovative Health and Wellbeing Plan designed for UK businesses – Equipsme.

What is Equipsme?

Most UK businesses have considered some kind of health plan for their company but have decided against it mainly due to the cost and complexity of more traditional health benefits. Equipsme makes it possible.

The team at Equipsme have designed and built a modern flexible Health and Wellbeing Plan which includes Health Insurance from AXA PPP healthcare and brings together essential services such as GP Access 24/7, cutting edge personalised Health Checks and optional extras such as Stress Support – all supplied by market leading UK experts: Medical solutions, Thriva and Health Assured.

Watch our video below for a simple 3min overview – it really is that easy.

Empowering employees

Equipsme not only brings the benefit of Health and Wellbeing to the business, it also empowers the employees who can choose to pay to upgrade their level of cover and/or add their family to their plan.

Easy to buy – why?

Equipsme is plain-speaking and easy to understand which makes applications fast and simple:

  • No medical questions on application (simple pre-existing condition exclusion)
  • All ages 16-69 years cost the same at every level
  • Make it affordable by mixing cover levels and benefits Employees can choose to pay to upgrade and add family
  • For businesses with between 2-249 employees

Here’s a short video from employers on how Equipsme’s health & wellbeing support plan has transformed their businesses.

Easy to work out the cost

There are four levels of cover starting with GP Plus which costs only £7 per person per month. You can then add increasing levels of health benefits up to £37 per person per month.

Want to know more?

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