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Gen2 is committed to helping you to achieve your financial and personal goals by providing informed solutions, based on knowledge, a real understanding of the issues that affect you and your family, and a genuine enthusiasm for what we do. We will help to build a plan that will take account of the lifestyle you wish to achieve both in your retirement and in your working life. Gen2 will ensure that the plan is protected against any events that threaten to take it off track due to any unforeseen events such as accidents, long term disability and the death of you or your family. You will pleased to know Gen2 have invested in leading technology that will allow you access to your plan 24/7.


Your Wealth

Savings & Investments

We aim to produce results that directly and positively impact on your objectives. This will also take into account how we can help you with tax planning, throughout all the stages of your life. Once we understand your financial and life objectives, we can help you to agree a plan that is tailored to achieve the milestones in your lifetime. When we have agreed the plan it is important that it’s monitored regularly. We will arrange to review at least annually and meet with you to ensure your plans remain the same and we can, if necessary, make changes to ensure the plan is on target.


Planning Your Retirement

Even with the ever changing and complex legislation around pensions our specialist team of consultants can guide you through each stage to ensure your retirement needs are met. Gen2 will ensure that you have effective planning for your family, protecting them from high long-term care fees and limiting any potential Inheritance Tax that would otherwise be paid.


Protecting You

As well as building a plan to help you achieve your life objectives it is important that you consider any events that threaten to take your plan off track due to any unforeseen events such as accidents long term disability and the death of you or your family.


Later Life Planning

In this ageing population where you are likely to live at least 25 years after retirement it is important that your plan makes allowances for both your needs in later life but also for your loved ones. Your plan will take account of health issues in your earlier years or to potential accidents in everyday life or at work however it is important that we factor in any sudden deterioration in your health in later life. Gen2 will consider any Long-Term Care issues, especially if you are unlikely to qualify for support from your Local Health Authority.

Specialist Independent Advice for Women

There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach to financial planning, that’s why Gen2 Financial are proud to offer specialist independent advice for women. From living longer to having children there are certain stages of a woman’s life you can start to plan for. Whether you are a business professional or you’re looking to plan for later life we will deliver a bespoke plan which works for you.

Gen2 Mortgages

When buying a new home it is likely to be the biggest purchase you will ever make. Do you know how much you can borrow or how much the payments will be? Do you know what type of mortgages are available to you? Gen2 have a team of fully trained and qualified Mortgage Advisers can help you to find the right mortgage solution tailored to your budget and future plans. Whether you are a first-time buyer, a homeowner who is re-mortgaging or someone looking to move up the property ladder, we can work with you to provide individual, catered advice that is particular to your needs. We are fully independent and can offer mortgages from across the whole market. We have no bias and no hidden agenda; we simply want to find you the best possible option.

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