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Welcome to your Gen2 Financial digital solutions. If you’re an existing client or a new client looking to start your journey, our digital platform gives you access to view all your finances in one place 24/7 at the click of a button. So, whether you’re looking for an up-to-date valuation of your portfolio, want to assess how you’re progressing against your goals or simply wish to get in touch, we have all your needs in one place.

Your Finance Portal

Your new Personal Finance Portal, a revolutionary new service that enables you to see your complete financial picture in seconds. Click your link below.


Online Mortgage Quotes: Compare mortgage quotes. You can get instant online mortgage quotes based on personal information you provide. Just fill in 4 secure questions and the system will do the rest. Once your enquiry is logged, a Gen2 Financial representative will be in touch to discuss your most suitable options.

Your Automated Advice

We are all aware of the need to invest in our financial futures and we are increasingly comfortable with accessing it all online. Automated Advice provides an easy to use automated process to ensure your investments match your personal requirements. Click your link below.

Online quotation systems give an idea of what mortgages might be available. In some cases, they even suggest that you’re eligible for a mortgage. However good the online system, there’s really nothing as accurate as getting one to one mortgage advice from a reputable, qualified and authorised mortgage broker.

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