We are pleased to announce the launch of the new self-employed plan. The new “bounce back” initiative includes – the first 2 months free on all plans and level combinations until the end of October. 

The Solo and Solo Plus plans are designed for the self-employed business owner aged 16-59 years old. It is really simple, watch the below video for more information.

Like the current product range you can add your partner and children, which means you can protect your family for a total of £67.50 per month or £97.50 per month depending on the level chosen.

For a full guide to your cover download your 2 page summary.

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We want to do our bit to support smaller businesses who are going to be harder hit and may be concerned about staff wellbeing during the Coronavirus pandemic.

With so many people​ having to​ work from home for the first time and some unable to leave their homes, we would like to offer clients with 2-20 employees 2 MONTHS FREE access to Equipsme plans from now until October.

This includes access to remote GP appointments and a telephone counselling line to deal with stress and anxiety if added as an optional extra. Access to these services could help people affected at home and ultimately, keeps the business going. 

There’s no obligation to stay on the plan, and you can cancel at the end of September without paying a penny.

Understand more about our Equipsme health and wellbeing plan by watching our short video below.

For a full guide to your cover download your 2 page summary to view all the plan options available.

The small print but not too much
The Equipsme offer is available to businesses who have between 2 and 20 employees. 

All Equipsme Health Insurance plans start after a 21-day window during which employees can upgrade levels, add partners and children. They pay for these voluntary purchases themselves via a separate Direct Debit collection.

As an example: If you add all employee details and commit to buy on 1st April 2020, your Equipsme plan start date will be 23rd April 2020, the business monthly Direct Debit collection date will be the 1st of each month and won’t be required to pay anything until 1st August 2020 onwards. Instalments will then be collected on the same day of each month (based on the employees and cover in force at the time) until the plan renews.

Should a business remove any existing employees or add any new employees during the free period, any monthly direct debit adjustments due before 1st October will also be free.

Businesses can cancel the plan at the end of their September instalment cover period and won’t pay anything.

The offer only applies to the premium payments due from the company bank account for the Equipsme plan cover level(s) chosen for employees.  

This offer does not apply to employee upgrades or adding of family.  Premiums will be collected separately at the normal monthly price via separate Direct Debit.

Support your people through these uncertain times and contact us today.

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Well-being Initiatives to Promote Mental Health

Mental health is a state of well-being in which a person can cope with the normal stresses of life, be productive and contribute to the community. Good mental health is essential for functioning as an individual, as an employee and as part of a community. 

As an employer, it’s crucial to encourage a dialogue and support system surrounding employees’ mental health in efforts to reduce stigma, increase awareness and ensure worker well-being. 

The Cost of Mental Health

Mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression are routinely listed as top concerns in employee health surveys, and are a leading cause of workplace absenteeism. 

Even moderate depressive or anxiety symptoms can affect work performance and productivity. Most employees agree that their mental and personal problems spill over into their professional lives and have a direct impact on their job performance. It is in the employer’s best interest to address mental health as part of a well-being programme. Most mental illnesses are highly treatable. However, untreated mental illness can increase the costs to employers in the form of increased absenteeism, work impairment and on-site injuries. Encouraging effective treatment and offering support resources can save costs for employers and improve quality of life for all employees.

Methods for Addressing Mental Health

Employers that support treatment of mental illnesses will reap a wide variety of workplace benefits— including improved employee engagement and well-being, higher product quality, better cost control, greater employee loyalty and an overall healthier workplace. 

Employers can do more to promote integrated mental and physical health by fostering supportive workplaces that encourage self-screening and connect employees to proper support resources.

Consider the following suggestions:

  • Provide materials and messages about mental health, mental illnesses, suicide prevention, trauma and health promotion through brochures, fact sheets, payroll stuffers and online resources.
  • Offer confidential screenings for illnesses such as depression, anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder.
  • Encourage the use of telephone help lines.
  • Offer a variety of mental health presentations and trainings for all staff with an emphasis on prevention, treatment and recovery messages.
  • Offer stress reduction presentations on topics like conflict resolution, managing multiple priorities, project planning, personal finance planning and parenting.
  • Provide flexible scheduling for access to classes during or after work. Classes could include yoga, meditation, physical activity and self-help groups.
  • Create and support a mental health-friendly work environment that accommodates employees who are returning to work after receiving mental health treatment. Allow schedule flexibility to accommodate treatments and appointments. 
  • Educate managers and supervisors in recognising mental health as a factor in performance issues. Address mental health issues specific to their needs.
  • Create policies and practices that provide guidance to supervisors and managers on how to address performance issues. Provide mental health consultation and information, and improve their skills in supervising an employee with mental health issues.
  • Review policies and practices concerning employee privacy and confidentiality, accommodation, return to work, and relevant UK regulations.
  • Evaluate the workplace environment, organisation, and culture with a focus on reducing workplace stress, workload issues and performance reviews. Address employee concerns.
  • Provide employee assistance coordinators to help obtain information about resources in the community.
  • Provide and maintain comprehensive privatised medical insurance cover, which includes mental health in employee benefits packages. Include screening, brief intervention and referral as a covered evidence-based benefit. Offer referral mechanisms to connect employees to mental health treatment services.
  • Offer an Employee Assistance Programme.


We are excited to introduce you to a new and innovative Health and Wellbeing Plan designed for UK businesses – Equipsme.

What is Equipsme?

Most UK businesses have considered some kind of health plan for their company but have decided against it mainly due to the cost and complexity of more traditional health benefits. Equipsme makes it possible.

The team at Equipsme have designed and built a modern flexible Health and Wellbeing Plan which includes Health Insurance from AXA PPP healthcare and brings together essential services such as GP Access 24/7, cutting edge personalised Health Checks and optional extras such as Stress Support – all supplied by market leading UK experts: Medical solutions, Thriva and Health Assured.

Watch our video below for a simple 3min overview – it really is that easy.

Empowering employees

Equipsme not only brings the benefit of Health and Wellbeing to the business, it also empowers the employees who can choose to pay to upgrade their level of cover and/or add their family to their plan.

Easy to buy – why?

Equipsme is plain-speaking and easy to understand which makes applications fast and simple:

  • No medical questions on application (simple pre-existing condition exclusion)
  • All ages 16-69 years cost the same at every level
  • Make it affordable by mixing cover levels and benefits Employees can choose to pay to upgrade and add family
  • For businesses with between 2-249 employees

Here’s a short video from employers on how Equipsme’s health & wellbeing support plan has transformed their businesses.

Easy to work out the cost

There are four levels of cover starting with GP Plus which costs only £7 per person per month. You can then add increasing levels of health benefits up to £37 per person per month.

Want to know more?

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