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Who are we

We are a rapidly growing team who are committed to putting clients at the heart of everything we do and developing long-term relationships. This is achieved by ensuring that we understand your individual needs, implement bespoke plans and then dedicate ourselves to you at all times.

At Gen2, our commitment is to be authentic to ourselves and our mission at all times. We are friendly and approachable without exception, but our attention to detail and dedication to doing the hard yards (not taking the easy option) is what you should trust the most. 

The Executive Team

Our experienced Executive Team consists of Jon Nottingham (Founder & CEO), Paul Masters (Managing Director) and Paul Dudley (Group Chairman). The Team prides itself on its professional yet approachable style, using its 110 years of experience to build a meaningful and effective business.

All 3 are different characters – and bring different skillsets – but are undeniably bonded by a fierce commitment to our core values and what we believe in. Scroll down for some insightful conversations with them all – a different and hopefully more engaging way for you to get to know the people who have created Gen2 Group. 


Let's work together...
That’s us. We’re passionate about being genuine and authentic to everything we stand for. We hope that some or all of this strikes a chord with you – if you like what we’re about and you feel like we align to how you think, then we should talk – who knows where it could lead. Please take a minute or so to get us started and we will do the rest. Let’s get started