Well, that happened! A year that will live long in the memory for us all I’m sure. This time last year I remember delicately treading around the B-word, a topic that had dominated our lives, or so it felt. How could we have known that, 5,525 miles away, a deadly virus strain was cultivating that would have such an effect on so many?  

I’m sure we all have our reflections on 2020, but most of all I hope this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and still managing to remember all the things to be grateful for as we prepare for an increasingly unusual Christmas.


From a personal perspective the year got off to an eventful start, as my wife Allison and I welcomed our first child into the world.  

Imogen Hope was born on the same day we exited Europe and whilst I wouldn’t recommend a new-born in a full national lockdown, she has been a huge source of happiness and balance to all of the craziness this year.  

We’re looking forward to our first Christmas together as a family, whatever we end up doing!

From a work perspective, there has been a number of highlights and a number of challenges.  

New family members – We’ve had 3 new members of the team settle in to Gen2 life, and all making fantastic contributions and demonstrating the virtues we work so hard on. Becky, Alex and Steve are great additions to the Gen2 family and, like me, are all progressing through their professional qualifications as we always strive to improve. 

Sale of OMIS – You may or may not have been aware that we took the very difficult decision to sell our Offshore & Marine business. This was our first acquisition as a group and, whilst it’s not in our make-up to sell any of our business, there were some very real reasons why this particular offer was one that we decided to accept. I’m very proud of how the Gen2 ownership turned around this business in 2 years and found a more suitable home for the staff and the clients to prosper.   

Lots of new clients – I’m pleased to say that we’ve managed to add plenty of new clients to our family. Finding new, like-minded clients is so important to us. As an ambitious, young business we have a great story to tell, and we take enormous pride in every new client that trusts us to look after them. If you would be happy to introduce us to any of your personal network of connections, then please drop me a line personally and I would be delighted to engage with them.    

Our existing clients – If finding new clients is important to us, then our existing clients are literally our oxygen! We don’t take anyone for granted and, whether you’ve been a client from day one or for one day, we still obsess over the same detail and follow the same processes to keep your programme fresh. We avoid slipping into comfortable ruts. Life changes and we keep a dynamic view on your programme at all times to ensure it’s current and relevant.  

Supreme Court – For 95% of UK businesses, their insurance policies did not cover anything COVID-19 related. But for 25 of our Sport clients, we had policies which became the centrepiece of class action litigation and action groups which then turned in to the “FCA Test Case” legal process, which ruled in the High Court and has now been appealed in the Supreme Court. We have been proactive in our involvement with the Action Group, with the FCA and with various legal organisations – all in support of our 25 clients. We have everything crossed for a positive ruling being handed down in January and then we can work through getting our clients the financial support they so desperately need and deserve. 

COVID-19 – Has clearly impacted on every UK business and family. Our investment in technology and an agile working culture from day one was sternly put to test and paid us back in spades as we seamlessly adapted to working from home during the pandemic. To not have to worry about our technology and process, like pretty much the rest of the industry did, was a godsend. That said, we have had incredible levels of calls and queries throughout the year to deal with. Whilst unfortunately, as mentioned, the cover wasn’t there for most people, I’m still immensely proud of the team and how we responded and did everything we could for our clients at all times. We exist for these moments of truth – especially the extreme ones — so this was a real test of what we are about, and it’s a real highlight how well we faced up to the challenge.   

Looking Forward 

We all have our hopes for next year. Normality, whatever that might mean, will be top of most people’s Christmas lists I’m sure.  

Whatever opportunities lie in wait for you in 2021, make sure we communicate and understand how we can dovetail our support for you. Insurance isn’t always front of mind, but the sooner you can engage with us the quicker and easier it will be to find the right solutions for you. Time is our friend in difficult times, and what we can achieve is significantly increased when we have the luxury of time.   

For us, after our first 3 years (yep, that flew by!), we are gearing up for an exciting phase of our development and you can expect some positive changes. We have no desire to be the biggest, but we do need to keep growing strategically so we can keep growing the team and our ability to go further for you. Clients and colleagues are the only groups of people we care about – every decision is made to add value to them and only them. A controlled scaling up will allow us to do just that. Exciting times, so watch this space. 

You might have heard the scare stories about a challenging insurance market, and without a doubt we have a harder environment to navigate in the medium term. But when the going gets tough…..! We are seasoned professionals, and we know what a “hard market” is and how to navigate it. We can’t escape it, and we all need to be braced for some challenges, but we will talk to you early and we will work together to find the very best outcome – it’s what we do. (Click HERE for a more detailed look at what this means) 


Never has our world made us focus on what we are grateful for to such a degree, but I am grateful for the Gen2 family we have created. 

Our clients have been a source of inspiration all year – we have witnessed and been involved in so many stories of resilience, it is genuinely inspiring. We will be with you every step of the way going into 2021 and beyond, and we will not rest until we have done whatever we can do to help make you even more successful.    

Likewise, my colleagues are my daily reminder of why I created Gen2. In the struggle, we’ve been there for our clients and each other and are so much stronger for it. I appreciate everything you do and most importantly the way you do it.  

Thank you to everyone that has been part of the Gen2 family this year, I appreciate your commitment to our business and the trust you place in us.  

From our family to yours, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2021. We’re in this together. 

Jon Nottingham 



Open All Hours

At Gen2 we don’t really do “Christmas Opening Hours” – because we are quite literally ALWAYS here for you. 

But in the spirit it’s meant, by all means call the “office” on 0330 056 3665 during business hours and you will be warmly greeted by one of the Gen2 family. Failing that, or for anything out of hours, or of an emergency nature then please contact any of the Directors below – 

Jon Nottingham – 0754 551 4010 

Paul Masters – 0795 097 8421

Paul Dudley – 0788 772 6136

Covid-19 Payment Support

At Gen2 we are committed to supporting our clients. We understand that in these extraordinary times you may experience financial difficulties and this may make it difficult to continue or to make payments relating to your insurance policy or policies that we arrange for you. Currently, we’re working closely with the Financial Conduct Authority to understand the full impact on our customers by Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Click here to read the full FCA guide for consumers.

We are here to discuss alternatives with you and if amending cover levels does not assist or, where changes may be appropriate but do not help alleviate the temporary payment difficulties, we may have further options available to you.

Please contact [email protected] or call 0330 056 3665 today and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your situation.

As you may have seen in the press, we have sold the Offshore & Marine Insurance Services (OMIS) business to Bennett Christmas Insurance Brokers, part of Ethos Broking, with effect from 1st June 2020.

Since we acquired the business in December 2017, the sole focus has been to invest in the OMIS business, and restore it as a profitable and growing business whilst maintaining all of the service values that the business was built on. I’m very proud about how we have achieved those things so quickly, and so successfully. 

It’s been a tremendously difficult decision, but after 900 days of being the custodian of this specialist business, we have made the business a very attractive proposition. It’s the right thing to do for all concerned to pass it on to a new owner who shares our values, and who has the infrastructure to take in onto another level. I would like to thank the many clients who supported the business during our ownership and who made the job so genuinely interesting.

As a business, we’re not even 3 years old yet, but in that time I have bought a business, grown another business from scratch, fixed a business, and now sold a book of business. Quite a whirlwind, but the learnings are endless and I’ve enjoyed every minute. 

So as this chapter ends, the sale now leaves us 100% focussed on the now-established Gen2 Group business, which is in great shape. We have a fantastic team, a shared purpose, a clear vision and a collective future that we are all very excited about. I’m desperately looking forward to the next chapter – I predict lots of hard work, energy, results and fun.

Now the handbrake is really off. Hang on to your hats.

Jon Nottingham
Founder & CEO

Gen2 is excited to announce the partnership with the Tennis Industry Association as their official insurance partner.

The Tennis Industry Association UK (TIA UK) was formed in 1998 as the official not-for-profit trade body for the UK tennis industry with the main objectives of:

  • To help grow the UK tennis economy and provide support to TIA UK members
  • To provide a platform for networking through targeted events
  • To promote innovation
  • To work with key partners that aim to increase participation in British Tennis
  • To provide industry news to help members be better informed

Members range from major equipment brands to independent companies working in the tennis industry. The membership reflects the wide diversity of activity within the tennis economy, from building tennis courts, supplying rackets, balls, apparel and shoes, operating clubs and venues, delivering on-court activity, providing court and training equipment, selling tennis-related gifts and books, delivering research into tennis, offering project consultancy and technical advice, website design and marketing solutions and promoting new technology and innovation to drive and improve the sport of tennis. 

Steve Matthews, TIA UK Chairman commented;

“We are extremely pleased to partner with the Gen2 Group and look forward to working with them in the future”

Paul Dudley, Chairman Gen2Group added;

“We are confident the relationship with the TIA UK will be an exciting and mutually beneficial one, our strategy of working with clubs and the organisations that manufacture, install or provide services to clubs makes the TIA UK an ideal business partner for Gen2.”

Please get in touch with any questions or if we can add value to you in anyway. 

Contact Head of Sport – Andrew Fielding

Email [email protected] or call 07864 348553

Why not take two minutes to tell us a bit more about yourself and what you do below.

Launch me

Gen2 has launched its new dedicated Sport business advising a multitude of organisations either within, in support of, or the community of sport, leisure and entertainment.

No matter the organisation size, the options for management and understanding of your risks faced can often be complex and varied. Gen2 Sport will provide you with advisors who understand the range of exposures requiring specialist advice and your individual needs.

Andrew Fielding, Head of Gen2 Sport added:

I have worked in the insurance industry for 35 years and been involved with sports insurance for over 30, it is therefore an exciting opportunity to be part of Gen2 Group and the formation of Gen2 Sport. I knew instantly the culture and vision that runs through the business was closely aligned to my own and puts client’s interests at the forefront of everything we do.”

Gen2 Sport provides insurance broking and risk management advice to;

Participants and coaches



Sports charities and community groups

Sports industries

Affinities and franchises

Any organisation working with, or in, the community of sport, leisure and entertainment

The risk profile of these organisations is extremely varied, but the experience of senior management and staff combined with access to specialist insurance markets ensures we deliver innovative and sustainable insurance and risk management solutions to clients.

We are passionate about helping people get active, and about the role sport and recreation can play in people’s lives and general wellbeing. We dedicate ourselves to the individuals who are helping people through sport and any kind of recreational activity. 

Please get in touch with any questions or if we can add value to you in anyway.

Contact – Andrew Fielding

Email [email protected] or call 07864 348553

Why not take two minutes to tell us a bit more about yourself and what you do below?


We are extremely proud to announce the Gen2 Group have agreed a long-term sponsorship deal with Bristol University Hockey, helping fund development for the sport over many years to come.

Ben Dudley, University of Bristol Hockey Head Coach commented –

“As a club we are delighted to have agreed a long-term sponsorship arrangement with Gen2. The support should prove invaluable as the club continues its growth and progression, hockey at the University of Bristol is thriving and our deal with Gen2 will help ensure this remains the case in the coming years.”

Jon Nottingham, Gen2 Group Founder added- 

“We are delighted to help support the Performance Squads at Bristol University. Ben and his colleagues are dedicated leaders and drive a real elite, high performance culture in all of their talented teams and in the athletes as individuals. This partnership is a perfect fit to our culture at Gen2 Sport and the wider Gen2 Group. We hope to support the programme for the long term and play whatever small role we can in shaping successful futures for all the athletes.”

You can follow the Mens and Womens teams BUCS and League progress this season via their website here.

Gen2 are thrilled to have sponsored this weekends action in Trevose.

As the newest event on the European Senior Staysure Tour, the Championship attracted a whole host of golfing icons at the stunning Trevose Golf & Country Club. Overlooking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, legends of the game took on Trevose’s beautiful course, battling the elements in a truly unique location. The four days saw thrilling golfing action, super weather and great crowds.

The amazing backdrop of Trevose

This years event was hosted by 1991 Masters champion and former Ryder Cup winning captain, Ian Woosnam OBE. Ian’s involvement demonstrated the calibre of players who compete in the event as the Staysure Tour’s finest went head-to-head for the Farmfoods European Legends Links Championship title and the €50,000 first prize.

Jean-Francois Remsey all smiles as he is awarded this years title.

The weekend’s winner Jean-François Remsey walked away with the prize money after shooting 10 under with a final round of 67, beating Englishman Barry Lane by one shot.

Whether onshore or offshore, OMIS has relaunched its energy contractors policy to provide our army of freelance consultants with flexible insurance for flexible working.

For many years the OMIS team has provided freelance contractors in the oil and gas or renewable energy sectors with a crafted insurance contract designed for them. Well now that product has got even better. We have improved the coverage and now we have the ability for the first time, to buy a short term liability policy – so whether you are on or off, just buy a policy that fits your immediate needs.

We have a new online quote and buy website, so within minutes you can get a quote, pay for your policy and have all of your documentation in your inbox immediately. It’s that easy. The team are still here to speak to, and answer any questions you might have – but if we can make your life that much easier, we certainly wanted to.

Please visit this page to read more about our Energy Contractors Insurance by OMIS – HERE, and if you like what you read you are one click and 4 questions away from a quote.


On 15th December 2017, specialist independent broker, Offshore & Marine Insurance Services (OMIS) secured its long term future by joining forces with Gen2 Group Ltd.

Ray Allen, principal of OMIS, commented “Having started the business in 1981, the time has come for me to hand over the reins. In recent years, despite numerous opportunities to sell the company, I have been searching for an individual or company who aligns completely with the values in which I have instilled in our business.

I am pleased to say, that this search has come to a successful conclusion and as such, Offshore & Marine Insurance Services is now owned by Jon Nottingham and his Gen2 Group Ltd business. Jon is an experienced Insurance practitioner of more than 22 years, and most importantly share the values on which we’ve built the business and has the energy to take the company forward.

Under the new ownership, the business remains independent, it remains at its current location and with the existing team entirely unchanged. This is a great outcome, and I will remain a consultant in the business in order to oversee the transition.

I thank you personally for your business over the years, and can assure you that the team remains committed to continuing to provide the advice, expertise and service to which you are accustomed.”

Jon Nottingham, Founder of Gen2 Group Ltd, commented “I am very proud to be taking on such a great business, and look forward to an exciting new phase in its history. The team have great heritage and genuine specialism in an important industry sector, and I look forward to working with them to be even more relevant and add even more value to you, our valued customers.

I’m a strong believer in personal relationships, and personal service, something which the OMIS business has been built on, so I look forward to helping the team to build on those and find some new ones along the way.”

Contact the Offshore & Marine team today on 0330 056 3665