Gen2 is excited to announce the partnership with the Tennis Industry Association as their official insurance partner.

The Tennis Industry Association UK (TIA UK) was formed in 1998 as the official not-for-profit trade body for the UK tennis industry with the main objectives of:

  • To help grow the UK tennis economy and provide support to TIA UK members
  • To provide a platform for networking through targeted events
  • To promote innovation
  • To work with key partners that aim to increase participation in British Tennis
  • To provide industry news to help members be better informed

Members range from major equipment brands to independent companies working in the tennis industry. The membership reflects the wide diversity of activity within the tennis economy, from building tennis courts, supplying rackets, balls, apparel and shoes, operating clubs and venues, delivering on-court activity, providing court and training equipment, selling tennis-related gifts and books, delivering research into tennis, offering project consultancy and technical advice, website design and marketing solutions and promoting new technology and innovation to drive and improve the sport of tennis. 

Steve Matthews, TIA UK Chairman commented;

“We are extremely pleased to partner with the Gen2 Group and look forward to working with them in the future”

Paul Dudley, Chairman Gen2Group added;

“We are confident the relationship with the TIA UK will be an exciting and mutually beneficial one, our strategy of working with clubs and the organisations that manufacture, install or provide services to clubs makes the TIA UK an ideal business partner for Gen2.”

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