Whether onshore or offshore, OMIS has relaunched its energy contractors policy to provide our army of freelance consultants with flexible insurance for flexible working.

For many years the OMIS team has provided freelance contractors in the oil and gas or renewable energy sectors with a crafted insurance contract designed for them. Well now that product has got even better. We have improved the coverage and now we have the ability for the first time, to buy a short term liability policy – so whether you are on or off, just buy a policy that fits your immediate needs.

We have a new online quote and buy website, so within minutes you can get a quote, pay for your policy and have all of your documentation in your inbox immediately. It’s that easy. The team are still here to speak to, and answer any questions you might have – but if we can make your life that much easier, we certainly wanted to.

Please visit this page to read more about our Energy Contractors Insurance by OMIS – HERE, and if you like what you read you are one click and 4 questions away from a quote.