Managing Uncertainty

As insurance and risk advisors, we have spent our entire careers looking at, understanding and managing uncertainty. It’s what we do. But somehow 2019 felt different – unprecedented levels of uncertainty were felt by our nation and, if you look even further, by large parts of the world.  

I’ll leave the commentary of that to those professionals who can articulate it better than me, and for those people who are not yet overdosed on its consumption. I mention it because my overarching memory of the year is not the uncertainty itself, but in the inspirational stories of so many people who I’ve met over this year.

I always feel so fortunate in what I do, what we do as a business. I get to meet businesses of all different sizes and shapes in a wide variety of industries every day, and have to get to know them intimately to be able to help them. I’ve witnessed first-hand so many examples of professionalism, dedication, hard work, creativity, business intellect and, above all else, resilience.  

Our purpose is to serve our clients and be there for them at all times. We’ve been able to play our small part in their stories this year. We helped them with everything from large scale cyber-attacks, to the tragic loss of life, and everything in between. We’ve also helped plenty of businesses do more proactive things to help avoid risk, and we’ve helped businesses plan to be more resilient in the potential event of something material happening which could impact their success.

It makes you very proud of the UK business community to see so many of them dealing with the uncertainty in the manner in which they are. Wherever that leads them to on the survive / thrive scale, I always find inspiration in how they have gone about things and how, generally speaking, it is always their people that they fight so hard for.

Maybe I’m lucky that we have tremendous clients who we get to serve every day, but I can’t help but feel extremely optimistic about the next 12 months. With at least some semblance of political stability starting to form, we are hopefully moving into a more stable period in some aspects. For all other potential uncertainty – you can trust us to dedicate ourselves to helping you with it. It’s what we do.  

We are 2 years old as a business this festive period, and we have made some transformational leaps forward this year and we have much to be proud of. Our team has grown again as we strive to find the very best human-beings who care about our clients as much as we do, and enjoy the unique environment we are creating.

We’ve had virtually all of our existing friends continue to place their trust in us, and we’ve managed to find plenty of new friends to join the community too by placing their trust in us for the first time. Whether new or old relationships, we never take that trust for granted and we do everything we can to nurture it and build it year on year.  

Thank you to everyone that has contributed to making 2019 a year to remember, for lots of reasons – I like to think we all got through it together, and with a smile on our faces!  

Myself and all of the team at Gen2 Group wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2020.

Jon Nottingham 

Founder & Group CEO